Table of Measures for Citricidal®

Breakdown of measurments for Citricidal use within Cosmetics, disinfecting surgical equiptment, healing skin infections and as a food preservative and antioxident.


(parts per million)
One Ounce(30ml)
Citricidal® in:
One Drop
Citricidal® in:
Drops per
Common Applications,
Suggested Uses:
(1 Percent)
3.78 litres one-half Tsp.
3 ml.
312 Cosmetics.
Surgical equipment.
Healing of Skin infections, burns, wounds.
(0.1 percent)
37 litres 30 ml. 32 Disinfectant & preservative for fresh fish, poultry, meat.
Final rinse for fruits & vegetables
Surface disinfection.
500 75 litres 60 ml. 20 Disinfectant & preservative for fish, poultry, meat, fruits & vegetables.
Add to water for Cut Flowers.
Animal feed additive.
General surface disinfection.
Soap making.
250 150 litres 120 ml. 10 Atomize cut flowers.
Animal feed additive.
Water treatment.
Food preservative & antioxidant.
Crop spray.
100 378 litres 300 ml. 4 Ice Additive (fish case).
Crop spray.
Animal feed additive.
Water treatment.
Food preservative
50 756 litres 600 ml.) 8 Water Treatment.
Crop spray.
Food preservative.