Vitamin B Group, Biotin & B17

 The answer to cancer has been known for many years!

Vitamin B17 kills cancer cells without harming normal cells.

Chemo Kills Cells ~ Good and Bad

Vitamin B17 was the subject of great controversy over 20 years ago when some of the world's top scientists claimed that when consumed, the components of the seed make it 100% impossible to develop cancer and will kill existing cancer in most cases. The pharmaceutical companies pounced on this claim immediately and demanded that FDA studies be conducted. The results of these studies are found in the book "World Without Cancer", by G. Edward Griffin. To order the book click here or call 877-479-3466.

Vitamin B-17, also know as Laetrile and Amygdalin is found in most fruit seeds... namely apricot seeds. The apricot seed was claimed as the cure for all cancers over 35 years ago.

It was even more strongly claimed that when one eats about 7 apricot seeds per day they can never develop cancer, just as one can never get scurvy if they have an orange every day, or pellagra if they have some B vitamins every day.

The pharmaceuticals companies together with the medical establishment pushed the FDA into making it illegal to sell "raw" apricot seeds or vitamin B17 with information about its effects on cancer. Even to this day, you can't get raw apricot seeds in your health food store, only the sun dried ones which have all the important enzymes killed off.

Pharmaceutical companies only conduct studies on patented chemicals they invent so that at the end of their study, if the drug gets approved, they have sole rights on its sale. (They make back tons more than the mere 250 million that they invested) They never do studies on foods that can't be patented and that can be sold by any supermarket.

The information on this site is not just for preventing cancer, it is for those that have cancer now and are on chemo or radiation at this moment, as well as for those who have cancer but haven't started any conventional methods yet.

Most of the people that already have cancer clusters in their body, who eat the apricot seeds and/or take the vitamin b17 in tablet form show near to complete tumor regression. Although cancer patients may get rid of their cancer, they also have the problem of the organ damage that the cancer has caused. This is another issue where other herbs and remedies are necessary for proper organ regeneration. Of course when a person's body is completely eaten up by cancer, the apricot seeds and its extract (laetrile and vitamin b17) would only prolong their life many times longer than chemotherapy and might not completely save them. However in many cases high levels of the injectable laetrile will help a great deal with the pain.

B17 in Australia

When "World Without Cancer" was written back in 1974, B17 Laetrile was freely available in Australia. It is not now. A recent check with the Australian Cancer Foundation and health authorities revealed that nowadays Canberra considers each individual case on its merits, then decides whether the patient should be allowed to import sufficient of the material for his or her own personal use. If he or she manages to jump that hurdle, it is then his or her own responsibility to find a doctor prepared to inject it. Seemingly the multinational pharmaceutical lobbyists managed to get to our politicians before Dr. Krebs could get to the Australian public. Radiation and chemotherapy are highly profitable, and oncologists have to make a decent living...

Only a few months ago Australian nationwide television carried the delightful information that two out of every three Australians can expect to suffer skin cancer at least once during their lifetimes. On the massive evidence provided by Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr. and G. Edward Griffin, that figure could be crushed to a tiny percentage of the anticipated numbers if Australians were allowed freedom of choice where B17 Laetrile is concerned. It is time for Australians to take a stand on this lethal issue.

Eating animal fat and red meat appears to increase DNA damage and therefore the risk for ... cancer, while eating lots of fruits and vegetables help to prevent it. - Cancer 75: 7 suppl. (Apr1, 1995): 1766-1777.

Up to 50% of cancer is caused by diet.        


Juicing is good for your liver. You can get some beets and juice them with other vegetables. It is very important that you start slow on this as it could make you feel sick at first. Drink a small amount at first (such as 1/4 cup) and slowly build up to higher amounts. The beet juice will cause your liver to dump toxins into your system as it is a very good liver cleanse. A lot ( about 8 to 10 eight ounce glasses of water per day) of pure micro water will help you rinse the toxins out.

Now for the foods you should not eat... Refined sugar (sugar feeds cancer), use Spenda™ or Stevia, caffeine (very bad for your liver and kidneys), white flour (easily changed to sugars), and try to eat very little meat during this time. You can have meat but meat takes away from the digestive enzymes that help tear down the protein wall that is around the cancer cell.

As for anything new that you do or take, always start out at a low dosage and build your way up. That way you can monitor what your body is telling you. Now if you feel sick when you start doing any of these things you have never done, it does not mean it is not working. It may be that you are taking too much too fast. Some natural products will detox your system and if you do it too fast, it can make you feel sick, (flu like symptoms). Just reduce the dosages of any new thing you are doing for awhile and slowly increase from that point.

Water Soluble "B" GroupVitamin from the "B" Group

Digestive System

Biotin improves the function of the Digestive System by enhancing the actions of those Digestive Enzymes that are present in Pancreatic Juice secreted by the Pancreas. Nausea can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.

Biotin enhances the function of the Kidneys.


Biotin is involved in the metabolism of Carbohydrates.

  Fatigue can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.

  Biotin is involved in the synthesis of Fatty Acids.

  Slow Growth is a symptom of Biotin deficiency.

  Biotin is stored and enhances the function of the Liver.

Musculoskeletal System

Dermatitis is a symptom of Biotin deficiency.

  •   Biotin alleviates Eczema.
  •   Infant Hair Loss has been corrected with a dosage of 10 mg of Biotin daily.
  •   Dandruff can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.
  •   Dry, flaky Skin can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.

Biotin may delay the onset of Grey Hair.

  •   Hair Loss can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.

Biotin supplements (consumed orally) slow the rate of Hair Loss in Male Pattern Baldness sufferers.

  • Biotin facilitates Hair Growth in Male Pattern Baldness sufferers (topical form applied topically) [scientific research - humans: a cream containing
  • Biotin and Vitamin B3 applied topically at night and used in conjunction with a shampoo containing Cystine, Cysteine and Methionine caused hair regrowth in 75% of MPB subjects].

Biotin alleviates Muscle Pain and Muscle weakness is a symptom of Biotin deficiency.

  • Nail condition improves with Biotin treatment.

Biotin facilitates the growth of Skin tissue:

  • Grey complexion of the Skin is a symptom of Biotin deficiency.

Biotin normalizes secretions of the Sebaceous Glands.

  • Seborrhea can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.
  • Smooth, pale Tongue (Glossitis) can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.

Nervous System

  • Anorexia Nervosa can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.
  • Loss of Appetite can occur as a result of Biotin deficiency.
  • Confusion is a symptom of Biotin deficiency.
  • Depression is a symptom of Biotin deficiency.
  • Nervousness is a symptom of Biotin deficiency.