Wheatgrass and Mould

Wheatgrass is a healthy super food that has been used traditionally in cultures around the world. There are many uses for wheatgrass, especially for its juice. Farmers in ancient Egypt knew all about the benefits of wheatgrass crops. They regarded the crops as sacred, and so did the citizens of ancient Mesopotamia and Greece. Now, centuries later, research scientists and medical doctors are praising its disease-fighting, age-defying properties.

Grapefruit extract will suppress the mold that is the biggest problem with growing wheatgrass, simply spray a mixture of Grapefruit Extract (5-10 Drops in a Litre of water) directly onto the grass. You can also run a dilution if growing hydroponically.

Feeding Wheatgrass

Like all things, don't go overboard. Wheatgrass is high in iron so you don't want to overload your birds' diet with it. Three to four times a week is sufficient, and just a handful of grass is enough each time. Cut the grass about an inch up from the seed and serve. There is no need to worry about the grass spoiling in the cage, another great benefit of this green food. If you are concerned about bacteria or mold at the base of the grass, after cutting, soak the grass in a quart of water with 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly, then serve.