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    As long as a preservative doesn't guarantee sterility, favorable survival conditions for a broad spectrum of germs dominate in most cosmetics: a good breeding ground, sufficient moisture, relative darkness, and enough time to develop.
    For preservation purposes, grapefruit seed extract is usually added in a concentration between 0.2% and 1%. It can easily be worked into the aqueous phase and can also be processed with organic solvents, burylena alcohol, and alcohol.
tract should always be mixed well into the preparation. In terms of what ingredients to use, there are no limits to your imagination. You can continue to use all of the active substances previously employed.
    After the discovery of grapefruit seed extract and the first reports on its effectiveness, manufacturers of natural cosmetics quickly realized what was being offered to them: an extract that, due to its inhibitory effect on a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, was not only suitable for preservation, but also possessed wonderful skin care properties. A positive side effect of using cosmetics preserved with grapefruit seed extract was observed: unwanted eczema, skin fungi, herpes, rashes, lip blisters, and other skin problems simply disappeared. This means that grapefruit seed extract not only keeps cosmetics healthy, but also helps those who use them to achieve better health.

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